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Any website owner would wish to increase its number of online visitors, but website conversion is more important for its effectiveness in increasing sales.

5 easy methods to improve your website conversion rates;

1. Establish a clear Identity:

Confusion about the website’s purpose and its underlying business offering is often the reason for its unsatisfactory conversion rates. You must make your company branding very clear on the website. To achieve this, keep the fonts, spacing, colors and logos consistent throughout your site.

2. Leave out Clutter:

Keep the design of your website simple, so that it can load quickly. Adding a lot of Flash animation to websites was in vogue a few years ago, but the latest trends in web design are mobile-friendliness and compatibility across all operating systems and browsers. A good website design will use easily legible fonts and sufficient white space, so that the content is prominent and conveys the desired meaning.

3. Make Navigation of Your Website Easy:

Since most business websites have a “Home”, “About Me”, “Contact Us” and other standard pages, which make for a convenient segregation of information, visitors expect this of any such website that they browse through. These are not rules of website design and you have flexibility with respect to what is to be included, but you will definitely benefit from having these pages on your website. Check all internal links on your web pages over and over again, to confirm that they are working as expected. Else, visitors will have to use the ‘back’ button their browser to navigate your site; this will spoil their customer experience and may cost you a conversion opportunity.

4. Include a “Call To Action” on Each Page of Your Website:

It is not enough if target customers visit your website and understand the products and services that your business offers. A conversion needs to be prompted by including a “call to action” on each page of your website. It could be anything from a simple “Contact Us Now” button or an interactive banner to a combination of complex tools. Ensure that all clickable buttons are placed in visible and obvious locations, though these should not overshadow the main content and create a confusing appearance of the website.

5. Include Contact Information on Each Page of Your Website:

It is important to including contact information on every page of your website. In particular, add your phone number on the landing page header, with a link to your detailed contact data. This improves your branding and adds the much-needed credibility to your business. Since internet fraud is on the rise, the majority of online users are wary of making a purchase without carrying out background checks. Giving them the ability to reach you and clear their doubts is a great way to improve consumer confidence and website conversion rates.

Responsiveness, reactive and interactive features are what make a great website. You will need to optimize your online conversion rates continually, to keep up with the fast-changing web trends.

Scottsdale Web Design Company | Scottsdale Web Development | Web Designer Scottsdale