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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

Receiving high traffic may seem like really good news to you, but website conversion is the real basis of how effective your site is. You don’t just want to attract more visitors to your website; more importantly, you need to generate sales. Follow these five simple steps to boost your conversion rates.

1. Simple is better.

When designing your website, keep in mind that simple interface wins. Get rid of the clutter and focus on making your site clean and free of fluff. Use clear fonts and avoid messy content. Internet users hate to browse sites that load very slowly and have lots of unnecessary additions. People will simply leave your site if it takes ages to load and it’s too complicated to navigate. Those times when websites are deemed more desirable when filled with plenty of flash animation are long gone; web design trends are quickly moving forward to simple, mobile-friendly sites that work on different browsers and operating systems. Present your website as simply as possible, yet still powerfully feature-rich.

2. Identify your business clearly.

What is your business actually about and what do you offer to customers? Many businesses fail to convert leads to sales because potential customers simply can’t identify what the website is about. Make sure that you present your company branding clearly. Use logos, fonts and colors consistently throughout your marketing and branding campaign. To generate more sales, people should have a clear understanding of your business.

3. Include a compelling call-to-action on every page.

Increase your conversion opportunities by including a call-to-action on each page. Make sure your website visitors can easily contact you by integrating a simple “Contact Us Now” button or several other clickable buttons. Place these buttons at locations where viewers can easily spot them – but be sure to balance everything properly.

4. Make your site easy to navigate.

Check if all the internal links on your page work well. One of the many frustrating things that web users commonly experience is when the “back” button doesn’t work while navigating a website. Additionally, your web design should be flexible enough so visitors can browse through it easily. Standard pages in most websites include the “About Us,” “Contact Us” and “Home” pages.

5. Provide contact information on each page.

Let your site visitors contact you easily by including contact info on each web page. This improves branding and adds credibility to your business. List your phone number on the landing page header and a link to your full contact info. Considering that lots of fraudulent sites are continuously proliferating in all corners of the web, customers have become more cynical and vigilant when it comes to making a purchase. So, you can gain more of your customers’ trust and confidence by giving them your contact info.

Most successful websites are generally responsive, interactive and user-friendly. By following the five simple tips above, you can greatly optimize your online conversion rates. Don’t forget that it’s meant to be an ongoing project and not something you’d just forget after awhile.

Scottsdale Web Designer | Scottsdale AZ Web Design | Scottsdale Web Designers