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Five simple tips that will help you with conversion

Thousands of site visitors with a low conversion rate do not make an online business successful. While it is good to see a lot of traffic passing through a site, the rate at which the website converts those visits into sales is the true measure of success. Take a look at the five suggestions below and apply them to your online business practice, as they will help you to improve your conversion rate and generate more sales.

1. Do not clutter or stuff your website.

Website designs should not be too crowded as Internet users prefer sites that are clean, free of filler and fluff and load quickly. We are in an age and stage of technology where websites need to be mobile friendly. Compatibility is key to acquiring visibility over the various mediums that consumers use to do their online browsing and conduct business. Avoid flashing ads and use fonts that are simple, clear and easy to read. White spaces or blank areas on a site (once used correctly) will make your content stand out more. Clutter creates confusion and frustration.

2. Tell your customers who you are and what you are about.

Conversion rates are usually affected by a lack of clarity. Site visitors want to know exactly who they are doing business with, and what the business is offering. Ensure that your brand identity is delivered in a clear and concise manner throughout your website. Use the same fonts, logos and colors for both your offline and online marketing campaigns.

3. Use a ‘Call to Action’ on each page.

Call to action is an effective way of increasing the likelihood that your visitors do not leave your webpage before their visit is converted into a sale. A call to action can be your ‘Contact Us Now’ feature and other interactive buttons that your visitor can locate easily. They should be arranged in manner that does not take away from the quality of your site.

4. Make your website navigation friendly.

Visitors are not amused when they click on internal links that are not working. Ensure that the internal links on your website are functional and will easily take your visitor from one page to the next. Site visitors expect a smooth browsing experience when they come to your site. They expect websites to deliver on consistency, so ensure that your standard site pages are displayed. These include your ‘Home’, ‘About Me’, and ‘Contact Us’ pages.

5. Include your contact information on all your pages.

This adds credibility to your pages – not only in the sight of your visitors, but also as far as Google is concerned. Place you phone number and a link to your contact details in the landing page header. This will improve your branding and eliminate the likelihood of your site being listed as a scam site. Once your visitors are satisfied that it is safe to do business with you, they will more than likely recommend your business to friends, family and acquaintances.

Following these basic rules will not only increase your profit margins, but will also help you to expand your business.

Scottsdale Website Design | Scottsdale Graphic Design | Web Design in Scottsdale