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Who Benefits from Google Local Listings?

Many small business owners who hold the belief that the internet is too widespread to benefit their business damage their ability to gain new clients. The internet has been shown to increase the gain for business owners, just by making themselves visible on the internet. One of the way to get business through the internet is optimizing your visibility on Google Places.

The internet has become the one-stop source for information for a majority of consumers. This includes searches for businesses, products, and services they need in their local area for both work and home. Simple internet searches for a certain business or business type will produce a convenient list for consumers on Google Local Business Listing. These lists are not automatic because your company happens to be in a local area. Business are only available for consumer searches when they have taken advantage of registering with Google Places, even if they are not the best business for that consumer in their local area.

* Do All Companies Collect the Same Benefits From Being in the Google Local Business Listing?

Different businesses benefit in different ways. Companies who list themselves on Google Maps benefit more than those that do not. As with any business, the demand is driven by consumer need. There are two main factors that help determine how much a certain business or service product will be in demand.

* What type of business is offered?

Restaurants, or other businesses that attract consistent customers, hold a higher demand as opposed to the machine manufacturer that attracts an “as needed” level of customers.

* How frequent do customers need that service?

In general, people require the services of a doctor more often than the services of a plumber, or a local moving company. Each of these services is in high demand and would take precedence on the top of the list. However, some services will rate higher because they are used more often.

Top 10 Industries That Benefit From Google Map Positions:

Food Industry – People regularly eat.

Doctors – People consistently need health and wellness care.

Dentist – People require dental hygiene and cosmetic care.

Fitness Centers – As health concerns have increased, fitness centers have moved higher on the list.

Schools – With people always relocating, there will always be the need for new students to register in a school.

Hotels and Resorts – Vacationers and business travelers require a place to stay.

Retail Industry – Malls, mini-marts, and convenience stores; consumers will be looking for the best places to shop.

Pharmacies – After visiting the doctor or dentist, consumers would need their medication prescriptions filled.

Plumbing services – From the construction site to the residential home, plumbers will always be needed for regular pipe maintenance or installations.

Insurance companies – People value their lives, health, property, and vehicles and guard them with insurance.

Any business that matches any on this top ten list, but which are not utilizing Google Local Business Listings, run the risk of losing an amazing opportunity to expand their business and their potential clients.

Tucson Search Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing in Tucson | Search Engine Optimization Tucson