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Building a website can be a daunting task if done by yourself. There are many things that you have to do to make the website, and after that is finished, you have to make sure the website ranks on search engines. Many people turn to SEO experts for help, but it is hard to sift through the good and the bad when it comes to finding a SEO company. Here are five red flags that everyone should look for before hiring an SEO expert.

1. People who make bold claims but do not, or cannot provide proof.

SEO “experts” that have a long list of clients who they claim to have worked for, but keep their client list confidential may not have a list at all. Because there is no way to verify that the list of clients is real, you should take their word for a grain of salt. Even if you decide to trust in their services, there are other red flags to look for.

2. There is no company website to be found.

Successful businesses will, at the very least, have a company website that explains their services. If there is no company website and they claim to have worked for big name clients, then major alarms should go off in your brain. In the very least, it seems almost ridiculous that a SEO company, a company that optimizes websites for search engines, would not have an online website for people to view.

3. They want a large upfront fee for their services.

A large upfront fee means that the SEO Company only cares about the money and not your personal needs or goals. This can be counterproductive, especially if you can work with a reliable company with at a lower rate. It is generally a good idea to walk away from these companies, because if they happen to leave, or stop responding to e-mails, you won’t be out a large sum of money.

4. They want you to buy back links

Back links are some SEO expert’s strategy to combat Google’s built in spam filter, but this is not a method that Google particularly likes. These people make money buying and selling back links, but due to a change in Google’s search algorithm, websites that continually engage in excessive back-linking will be penalized. Penalization can be anything from a lower rank in the search to permanent blacklisting.

5. They guarantee a high search ranking.

No one can guarantee you a high search ranking. The website that gets the number 1 place on a search engine is ultimately up to the algorithms within each individual search engine. A quality SEO expert will make the changes necessary to get you a higher ranking, but the highest goes to the website that deserves it.

Finding the right SEO expert can be frustrating, but by looking for these flags, you can save yourself time and money. There are many SEO experts looking to make quick cash and will promise you everything but they cannot deliver. Follow these tips and you won’t have to worry about your website falling into the depths of blacklisting.

Tempe Seo | Tempe Internet Marketing | Seo Tempe | Internet Marketing Tempe