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How Important is an Attractive Website?

Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will certainly bring in new clients to your website. However, having a poor web design will turn them away instantly having a grave impact on your conversion rates.

Importance is rarely placed on the design of the website even though the website is the first impression that most of prospective clients will see. Unattractive and poor website designs make it difficult to work around and will make a poor first impression of your business and could cause your company to lose business.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when building your website:

* Make it easy to read.

You have provided endless information and amazing content for your clients, that doesn’t matter though because it can’t be read. Web designers using smaller fonts with the intention of sleek design unintentionally make the webpage hard to read. If your client becomes frustrated from trying to make out smaller font, they will eventually end up leaving your site.

In addition to smaller fonts, text in unbroken paragraphs are difficult for the reader to scan over. Most who come across a wall of text won’t even read it.

* Make navigation easy.

Poor website design and navigation can hurt your website’s conversion. Using the newest and latest website techniques for your website navigation is not always as intuitive as it needs to be. For example, a potential client may not realize that the dollar bill blinking at them on the page is your products page.

Make sure the site navigation is basic and easy to read. Use defined label menus on either the right or left hand sidebars. This is where clients will typically look for navigational keys.

* Choose appropriate color schemes.

Choose user-friendly color schemes. Using eye catching colors may appear to draw eye catching attention to your site, but in reality it is difficult for viewers to read. Make sure your background and your chosen font contrast each other well. Red font on a black background has a better contrast than black fonts on red backgrounds, for example.

Anything that creates your potential client discomfort will make them leave, which will hurt your conversion rates.

* Avoid making your site too busy.

Avoid any excessive activity on your website. Flash animations, animated GIFs, and flashing text may work for advertising outside if your physical place of business. However, online it will deter many of your potential clients. In addition, any visual distractions run the risk of taking away from the parts of your site that you intended for clients to focus on.

Less is more. Keep your webpage simplistic with smooth transitions and tasteful designs. If it appears that there is too much going on with the webpage, then there probably is.

Utilizing SEO is a powerful way to bring in multiple prospective clients to your company’s webpage. Once the SEO has done its job, you need to ensure that your website design will turn those new prospects into future and returning clients and customers. Ensure that you have a visually appealing site that is user-friendly and easy to navigate and you will show great promise in your conversion rates.

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