The Core Of Online Success Is In Content Marketing

October 23, 2014

One of the best ways to gain increased visibility online is to initiate a comprehensive content marketing campaign in order to get a message circulated about a product or service. This is best achieved through careful content creation and distribution. Through the use of blogs, podcasts, e-books, guides, white papers, infographics and even case studies, businesses can generate greatly increased interest in their brand, their product or their service.


Embrace All That Content Marketing Has To Offer


Studies have shown that on average blogs can increase traffic to a company website by up to 50%. In addition, businesses that maintain active blogs get well over 90% more inbound links then other comparable business websites. Active marketers also indicate that blogs are one of the most valuable types of content marketing available. All this and more is a clear indication that content marketing is an essential and vital component of overall Internet marketing. Businesses should embrace everything that content marketing has to offer as a way to greatly increase brand awareness and online reputation.


An Integrated And Targeted Approach


Another important aspect of content marketing and blogging is that compelling content can effectively drive better social media sharing and interaction. Enabling businesses to close sales simply means engaging customers through social media and quality written content. An integrated and targeted approach to online marketing is the best strategy to ensure long-term business viability in a rapidly changing online arena. From a search engine perspective, properly managed content distributed via blogs and other platforms can greatly increase the chances of a page becoming indexed. A greater number of indexed pages will convert to more indexed links and greater organic search exposure.


More Positive Towards A Company


Most importantly, content marketing and blogging is a powerful tool that allows consumers to get to know a company via articles and blog posts rather than paid advertising. This adds a level of trust to all interactions with potential customers and clients. In fact, most consumers typically feel more positive towards a company after reading genuine quality content on a website or blog. These are just a few of the examples of how powerful content marketing can actually be in today’s highly competitive Internet arena. Contact Helix House today to learn more about the options available to businesses in terms of creative Internet marketing strategies.

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