The Helix House Difference: Why Choose Us As Your Internet Marketing Company?

May 30, 2012

1. You Want to Work With The Best: Helix House has been voted Arizona’s Best Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management Company for 2012. Our firm’s founder and CEO, Michael Donato, has been awarded the prestigious Arizona Republic’s 35 Under 35 Award for Phoenix’s top Entrepreneurs less than 35 years of age. In addition, we are one of the top 30 Internet Marketing companies in the entire nation. Our company is growing rapidly because of the strong leadership and results that we achieve for our clients–factors you want to consider when choosing the right company for your Internet Marketing needs.

2. You Want To Be Sure You Will Get A Return On Your Investment: At the end of our short 6 month contracts, we have a 97% retention rate. Do your current marketing efforts have that type of success rating? Our team is one of the best in the industry because of our proprietary link building system. This system puts 99% of our clients on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for their targeted keywords. Helix House’ clients are clearly visibly online for their services, which always leads to an increase in revenue.

3. Speaking with Current Clients and Seeing Real Time Results Online Will Help You Make A Decision: Our clients love to rave about us—which is why you will get a rotating list of 10-12 current clients you can call and speak with about our service. The first page placements we achieve for our clients for very competitive keywords are also something we like to brag about—and you get to check them out for yourself in real time.

4. You Want to Track What Is Happening With Your Marketing At All Times: Helix House knows that you care about your business, and want to know how your money is being spent. For this reason we give you 24/7 real time reporting for your campaigns allowing you to see how your visibility is growing online, anytime of the day or night. In addition, we also provide heat maps and call tracking in all packages so that you can know what your clients are doing on your website, and who called you directly in relation to the marketing you are doing with us.

5. Fantastic Customer Service Is Important To You: Not every business is the same! When a client signs with us, they get a dedicated personal account representative that is familiar with their account and their unique campaign. You get the agent’s cell phone number, office line, and email address. You can be sure you will always have an answer to your question promptly and you will always speak to the same agent who understands and cares about your business.

6. You Want To Bundle Services To Save Money: While Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are what we are best known for, we also offer full scale web development, text message marketing, email marketing, extensive pay-per-click campaigns, and video production. Our clients get discounted rates on all services for simply being customers of our firm, resulting in huge savings for their marketing needs.

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