Where is the Young Latino Consumer?

February 24, 2016

Gone are the days when teenagers would meet at a movie theater or the mall. Today, young Latinos get together at the new hall: the social media platforms. Brands know this and their marketing efforts follow these consumers. Now, every marketing strategy should cover digital real state, especially if targeting the U.S. Hispanic market.

A recent survey shows that 23.5 percent of Hispanic consumers use tablets to do their shopping. And 48.5 percent use a mobile device for the same purpose. Amongst Latinos, the use of social media is larger than the rest of the demographic slices, and that is why brands must establish a good footing on these platforms. But a spike on sales won’t happen just by creating brand accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Just as other consumer segments, Latinos get turned off by direct-sale pitches. They need to be engaged with interesting content and communication that speaks to them. A strong ad campaign must share their same values. Furthermore, the campaign should present a clear benefit without centering on the idea “I must make a sale right now.” Impulse shopping is down and to make a customer is a longer process than say, 15 years ago. By knowing our consumer we can generate a relevant message and connect a product with an audience. The Hispanic market has evolved and past clichés are no longer effective. They actually could create permanent damage to a brand.

The web is a fluid and direct medium, and to establish an honest connection with engaging consumer participation takes constant effort. Brands need to invest time in nurturing that image they want to be perceived by in this digital age. The flux of information has to reflect cultural and social aspects important to the Latino market. You need to observe how this segment communicates; is it English or Spanish? Yes, thinking that Spanish should be the language used to target this audience is a cliché. And remember what we said about clichés. Also, what tone, style or topic is preferred by them? What type of images? And all of this doesn’t happen overnight.

Invest, listen, and take the right steps to approach this growing and very lucrative market segment. It is only set to grow, and you know what happens when you arrive to the party a bit too late: all the food is gone.

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