The Options Available To Businesses Regarding Social Media

November 26, 2014

Social media has become the new 800-pound gorilla in the room. It is a powerful and highly effective way of conveying a message to a large group of people in an affordable and instantaneous way. It far exceeds anything that has ever been available in the past in terms of online marketing or even older traditional marketing. Social media has literally taken the Internet by storm and will likely only continue to expand especially when it is combined with mobile applications.


Equally As Important


Facebook is one of the most popular of all social media networks and offers businesses great opportunities in terms of being able to better communicate with customers. With over 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook is essential for long-term business growth. Twitter is equally impressive and equally as important. This micro-blogging social site limits the number of characters that an individual can post. With over 500 million users, twitter is an essential social media platform that offers businesses many advantages. Pinterest is another great social media site that offers unique opportunities to share images in a social media setting.


Business Oriented Social Media


Google + is a social media network developed by Google that gives both individual users and brands the opportunity to build circles of friends. This particular social platform is growing rapidly and currently has over 400 million users. LinkedIn is yet another popular business oriented social media site that is essential to businesses looking to expand their operation. Corporate brands stand to gain substantially from all that LinkedIn has to offer. With around 250 million active users, LinkedIn is a great network for connecting and staying connected.


A Smart Way For A Business To Expand Its Brand


In addition, the social sharing site that focuses on images and videos known as Instagram is popular for mobile users and offers many of the same advantages as the other social sites. Hashtags are a common way to convey information in the Instagram world. Posting pictures and sharing ideas via Instagram is a great way for a business to expand a brand. Instagram currently enjoys close to 200 million active users. Businesses have more options than ever before when it comes to social media and those options will likely only grow over time. Contact Helix House today to learn more about innovative online marketing that gets real results.

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