The Value Of Written Content

July 10, 2014

When it comes to Internet marketing few other basics are more important than the written word. It is genuine and original written content that offers something of real value for online visitors. Good content can create the greatest impact online. As such, search engine algorithms that understand this important fact constantly look for unique, original and valuable content online. The direct result of this never-ending search for valuable content is just one variable used in determining how websites are ranked across the Internet.


Content That Is Of Real Value


Because this is indeed the case it is critical to make certain that a website has a constant flow of original content that is of real value to end-users. Copied or recycled content simply will not do today. More specifically, this content should be industry-specific containing relevant keywords related to the industry in question. From plumbing professionals to electrical contractors and dentists as well as car lot owners and nonprofits, having relevant content that is of real value to visitors is at the very core of a successful Internet marketing effort. Long gone are the days of trying to over optimize websites in a mechanical way.


Advanced Mathematical Equations


Today, Internet marketing requires genuine attempts at providing users with valuable information and a more enjoyable experience. Search engine algorithms constantly monitor websites and check for changes in existing content on websites. These algorithms which are essentially advanced mathematical equations can quickly analyze a website to determine the valuable of its content. Once this has been determined search engines then assign a website with a trust or reliability factor. This ultimately results in how good of a search engine ranking a website enjoys.


Specific Ranking Or Value


Content should always be clear and concise as well as properly written. It must offer new and unique ideas, concepts and information unlike other information in a particular industry or field. Today’s algorithms simply wish to know which websites are providing the most valuable user experience. Taking this into account, major search engines then assign websites with a specific ranking or value. Page rank and other factors are determined largely in part by the value of the content that exists on a website. Choose to work with an experienced and skilled Internet marketing firm in order to achieve the desired results when it comes to a successful online marketing campaign. Contact Helix House to learn more.

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