Today, Advertising is a Conversation

April 11, 2016

As the US market evolves and millennials become the coveted new target for all brands, advertising has turned more into a conversation than a sales pitch, especially in the digital world. Consumers have turned into brand spokespersons, critics and analysts. Marketing campaigns travel fast and to establish credibility, it has to happen naturally. The word many strategists use: organically. Welcome to the new conversation.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pandora and many other digital platforms are now the battleground for brands to establish realty state in the minds of new and established consumers. Since these outlets are social, marketers need to realize that to get the attention of their target audience the message needs to be unobtrusive. The brand needs to become part of the conversation, not an advertisement to look at.

Content creation, blogging, press releases, posts and other forms of messaging should reflect the personality and purpose of a brand. The brand becomes a persona and engages the consumer with an honest communication. The brand is no longer a corporation. The relationship between brand and consumer turns more personal and individual. This is the new marketing reality.

That is why, while analytics are important, content continues to be one aspect that cannot be neglected. It is the tone and level of personality that will drive or kill the conversation. Many brands are afraid of this type of engagement because of the need of constant presence. But like everything in marketing, the results are measured by the investment put forward.

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