Understanding Google Good Practices

January 16, 2014

The concept of what is often referred to as “Google Good Practices” is actually very easy to understand. Back in the old days of the Internet, meaning the 1990s, it was easy to rank for almost anything on the Internet. If you were selling “hot sauce” and you had a few links pointing to your site, then you were “made,” so to speak. You ranked at the top of page-one on Google and as a result you sold millions of bottles of “hot sauce.” Most would agree that those days are over.


An Authority In Your Industry


Fast-forward to 2014 and the science of ranking online for a given key word in a given industry has changed considerably. In fact, today it is all about showing the major search engines that you are a trusted business that is an authority in your industry. How does a business do that? It’s easy and only requires that a business provide high quality original content that offers unique value to online visitors. After all it is the job of the search engines to return the best website for a given search.


Link Building


Google Good Practices is simply a set of general rules, spoken or unspoken, that are a road map for businesses and individuals to use to build their online presence. The main premise being that a reputable business worth listing at the top of page one on Google will typically follow certain patterns with regard to how a website is built and maintained. For example, good practices include always incorporating fresh original content into the development and growth of a website. Copied or “spun” content will not do when it comes to good practices. Link building is yet another example of where good practices can be exercised by businesses.


Good Neighborhoods


Google looks at websites much the same way homeowners look at neighborhoods. There are good neighborhoods and not so good neighborhoods. If a site has inbound links coming from not so good neighborhoods, Google will likely flag the site as less trustworthy. When this happens the chances of appearing on page one of Google for a given keyword are quite slim. There are additional good practices worth investigating by businesses looking to gain top ranking in their industry for a given keyword. Contact Helix House, a premier Internet marketing firm that specializes in Google good practices as a way to get businesses the exposure that they deserve

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