Unique Web Design And Usability Tips For Increasing Online Exposure

August 13, 2014

Even the best looking websites if not designed with usability in mind can ultimately miss the mark when it comes to online marketing. However, there are a few simple and easy ways to implement usability ideas that can be incorporated into any web design project. For example, most know that content is one of the essential and important elements of any web presence. As such, getting content right visually is essential.


The Color Of A Website Is Also Important


Web pages must be designed with usability in mind including text that is clear and easy to read. In fact, when designing a website it is important to make all text browser friendly and use a font that is easy on the eyes. This is also an important consideration to take into account so that those wishing to print pages will enjoy easy printing. The color of a website is also vital in ensuring that visitors have a pleasurable experience when visiting a site. Poorly planned colors can ultimately lead to an unattractive website that is immediately abandoned by visitors.


Instant Access To The Most Important Information


The placement of information on a website is also critical as a way to make certain that visitors have a favorable experience online. Content should be placed in strategic locations based on its importance. The area located at the top portion of a webpage is called the area above the fold. This is where the most essential and critical information should be placed on a website. Giving visitors instant access to the most important information when first landing on a website is a smart strategy. In addition, maintaining consistency with regard to style, design elements and usability is necessary to ensure a seamless visitor experience.


Get A Feel For How A Site Performs


Finally, once a website has been completed it should be thoroughly tested for usability and then launched at the appropriate time. Many web designers and website owners choose to launch a website in beta test mode prior to a full official release. This is a great way to get a feel for how a site performs once it has been released to the Internet. Ultimately, enjoying all that online marketing and the Internet has to offer is as simple as designing a website that is friendly and usable. Contact Helix House today to learn more about web design and Internet marketing.

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