Using Online Videos For Internet Marketing

June 20, 2013

It is a proven fact that no online marketing campaign would be complete without a carefully designed video program. With millions of views each day, websites like YouTube and others have proven that online visitors prefer video information to written text in many cases. Getting the most out of an online marketing campaign means understanding the importance of video and the effectiveness of this unique marketing medium. Because online visitors and consumers in general appear to have shorter and shorter attention spans it is important to get a message across online as quickly as possible.

Virtually Anyone Can Shoot a Video

Video offers the unique ability to deliver a message quickly and effectively while cutting through confusion of large blocks of written text. In addition, video is entertaining and many times interactive. Wooing your customers and potential customers with clever and catchy videos can make the difference of making a sale or not making a sale. The best part of a carefully planned video campaign is that virtually anyone can shoot a video, upload it and have it online in a matter of minutes. Even more encouraging is the fact that expensive cameras and film-editing equipment is not necessary for producing quality videos online.

Everyone is Sharing That Video With Their Friends and Family

As an added benefit producing videos for your online presence always opens the door for the possibility that a video will go viral. A viral video can be an incredible boost to any business that is selling products or services. When a video goes viral it is because everyone is sharing that video with friends and family via e-mail. The effects are exponential in nature as the video spreads across the Internet and across the country. Many overnight sensations have happened thanks to a video going viral in a very short amount of time. The incentive to create new and interesting videos that are clever and unique in the hopes that they will go viral is quite large. The use of online video for Internet marketing is a necessary and important element of any online marketing campaign today.

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