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In today’s times, people are increasingly using mobile devices to browse the internet and search for specific businesses whose services they need. These consumers are usually ready to make the purchase, with cash in hand. Proper SEO and Pay Per Click advertising are effective marketing tools, but they cannot ensure that businesses in the area of the user get prominence in the search results. A business needs local optimization on web searches to get high exposure with mobile consumers and increase sales.

Claim a Google Local (Places) Site.

Google Local, also known as Google Local Business Listing or Google Places, offers this local optimization. When a search query is entered on Google by a mobile user, the results are sorted and displayed, based on the user’s location. This is done by picking up the GPS data from the user’s mobile phone and showing businesses that are located closer to the user higher up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listing, assuming that all other factors for these businesses are equal. Any business owner signing up for this service would be at an advantage as compared to the local competitors who are not yet on Google Local. To beat other companies that are closer to the user and achieve the top spot on the SERP for that neighborhood, a business needs to ensure that its score on other evaluation factors are excellent.

Create an optimized Google Local Profile.

A business that is generally listed on Google Places has its contact information like geographical address and phone number displayed to the public. However, this does not help in getting a higher ranking in local web search results. Certain customized and personal data is also required in the listing to get placed higher. This can include pictures of the company and videos of sample products and services offered. A few more tips to improve your Google Local Profile and consequently, the exposure of your business to potential consumers, are listed below:

* Business Category: Google Local Business Listing gives priority to businesses having their specific category listed, rather than a generic one. Some businesses may not have a specific category; in this case, any relevant term associated with your industry can be used in your description.

*Ask Clients for Reviews: When a search query for a business is entered on Google, the content of reviews posted on relevant business websites is evaluated. Adding reviews to your Google Places site increases your chances of making a higher placement in the search rankings and also boosts your customer conversion rate.

Create and Update Your Google Places Page Now.

Google treats older profiles as more relevant when evaluating search results, since these indicate a better stability of the business. If your profile is relatively new, it is as good as your website or even your business being new. At the same time, a profile that was set up a long time ago but has not been updated ever since is also of less relevance. Create your Google Places page as soon as possible, and take the time to add updated content regularly. This will bring more customers to your website and earn you more revenue.

Almost every online business uses SEO marketing to get more visibility on web searches. You can use these tips to optimize your Google Places page further and ensure an immediate increase in your SERP rankings for target customers in your locality.

Albuquerque Web Design | Web Design in Albuquerque | Web Design Albuquerque