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5 Key Website Elements

Is Your Website Missing One Of These 5 Key Elements?

The creative process that goes along with developing a website design is often fun and interesting; however the real substance of the website should include these 5 key elements. Keeping this in mind, let’s review these critical elements that will ensure long-term success for your website.

A Highly Targeted Blog That Draws Visitors

Simply building and deploying a website does not guarantee that it will draw visitors. People who surf the web regularly are looking for specific and targeted information, and will likely not stick around unless there is valuable content to be found. That valuable content often resides firmly in a website’s blog postings.

Through regular updating, a blog allows website owners to publish fresh new content. It is this constant fresh content that will draw in visitors and offer something of relevant value. A blog can easily become a central marketing tool.

Any niche market offering regularly updated blog posts including relevant information, tips, and pertinent news is one good example. Once visitors are comfortable with your blog and trust your blog posts they will likely return, as well as share your site with others.

What this does is essentially establishing your website as an authority site on a given subject. If your blog is able to deliver quality content as well as recent industry news, your visitors will make note of this and likely become loyal visitors.

The Power of Multi-Media

Online multi-media has made great strides in recent years, and offers an excellent alternative to the written word for showcasing your products and services. Here are a few examples:

Audio: The nice thing about audio is that it is not bandwidth intensive, and can deliver comparable information that videos can provide, but at a much faster pace without hindering page loading speeds. It is always a good idea to offer text files alongside of audio files so that visitors can read the information if they prefer. Audio players are simple to install on a website, and simple for visitors to use.

Video: This powerful medium can relay important information quickly, efficiently and in an entertaining way. Video is a great alternative to text and is a real attention grabber. Keeping video length to a minimum further adds to the effectiveness of this great presentation tool.

Infographics: This somewhat new and emerging method of sharing information is a very effective way to get noticed online. Through high-quality graphics visitors are able to clearly visualize data and information quickly and efficiently. It is this information at a glance approach that makes infographics so remarkable. A well thought out, and well designed infographic can easily become a viral message that sweeps the Internet.

Have Visitors Join Your E-mail List

As the old saying goes, there is nothing more important in Internet marketing than your list of leads. The first step in building this important list of leads is to simply ask your visitors to sign up. This is typically done by adding a small sign up box somewhere on your website.

Once visitors have become a part of your list, you are now able to send them regular updates with news as well as special offers.

Taking Customer Support to the Next Level

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things for a website visitor is not being able to get help when they need it. Always strive to make it simple and easy for visitors to contact customer support. One highly efficient way of doing this is through live chat, where visitors can interact almost immediately with customer service via on-screen chat.

Giving your visitors the option of live chat adds to the overall functionality and value of your website.

Time to Get Social

As the Internet continues to evolve it becomes more social by nature, and as such websites should embrace social media technology and use it to their advantage. By incorporating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media a website owner can leverage the multiplication factor of social media.

All the major social media networks offer website widgets that make it simple and efficient for visitors to favorite your website or follow your website.

By incorporating these 5 key elements into any website, a website owner can quickly increase visitor numbers, and ultimately increase product sales and general website value.

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