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Does Your Webpage Have These Five Necessary Features?

While website design is important, it is best to focus on the website’s features. The success of a webpage is not based on the appearance, but rather how well it helps you reach your business goals overall.

Here are the five necessary features a webpage needs:

* Multimedia Presentations

Excessive text is difficult for potential clients to read. Providing additional media options relieves this problem.

Videos quickly grab attention and supply your entire marketing message efficiently. Online videos that have been optimized also rank high in search engine results.

Visualization of data and information through infographics present the data and ideals of your company quickly at a glance. These infographics are able to be shared easily through social media networks and may potentially go viral.

Audio recordings are the most ideal way to present your customers with information and ideals for your company. Visitors can play the recorded files when they are ready to hear them; if you include a transcription that allows the viewer to read along, it becomes even more efficient.

* Blogs Dedicated To Attracting Target Customers

Just because you have a website up and running doesn’t mean that your target customers will automatically find you. You need something to attract their attention and draw them to your site to begin with, regardless if they are ready to purchase items from your site or not. Blogs are a great way to promote attention to your website and to attract your target customers.

Blogs allow consistent publishing of content directed towards your target customers. If you consistently address their needs and provide relivent content for those consumers and your business, a blog will be a great marketing tool.

These blogs do not only attract new customers, it also helps gain you and your company notice as an expert resource for that niche. Targeting customers, who see your business offering the latest news in that industry, shows them that they are purchasing from a highly qualified professional.

* Social Media Integration

Social media is taking businesses to a whole new level of marketing. Having a website is no longer enough, your company needs to be seen in your potential clients’ social media updates as well. Updating the latest news and offers that your company has regularly helps your potential clients remember your brand and makes them more likely to purchase from your company.

The three major social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, have online widgets available that allow potential clients to easily follow you. In addition, you can include a social network share button to allow visitors to post your information on their feed with a simple click.

* Real-Time Customer Support Options

Include easy access for visitors to contact your company in real time for any support needs. Live chat windows allow for concerns to be addressed efficiently through chat. For those clients who wish to speak with a person, you can include a link to connect the client through voice over IP to your phone number.

* E-mail Sign-up Forms

Keep your potential clients regularly updated and increase lead potential by including e-mail sign-up forms. This allows you to send news, updates, or special offers to potential clients who have elected to be on your mailing list.

By using these five important features your company’s webpage will attract new clients, help you stay in touch with your prospective clients, and boost your company’s sales.

Web Page Design Albuquerque | Website Designer in Albuquerque | Website Design Albuquerque