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4 Tips to Make Your Website More Appealing

To get a bigger audience and more potential customers, SEO must be paired with attractive website design. No matter how hard you try to push your website up the rankings, your business won’t really convert more leads to sales if you have a poor web design. Your website is the face of your business that you present to customers. It’s important to make a good first impression so your prospects will consider making a purchase. If your website is dull and difficult to navigate, you might actually drive visitors away and lose potential clients.

So, what should you do to build a website that converts? Here are four effective tips to help you out.

1. Your site should be easy to navigate.

Poor navigation is a crucial mistake that can significantly affect a business’ online conversion rates. Although many web designers are fond of using the latest web navigation techniques, it’s best to keep in mind that some of these techniques are generally not intuitive. For instance, a site visitor might not be aware that the dollar sign revolving in the corner of the page can be clicked to go to a product page. Just keep your website navigation simple, basic and flexible. Your site’s menu should be clearly labeled and correctly positioned so visitors can easily find it.

2. Ensure that the content is easy to read.

Even if you have fantastic content, it would still look unappealing if viewers can’t read it easily. A lot of web designers make the mistake of using tiny texts thinking that these appear more sophisticated. If the text makes site visitors need to squint their eyes just to see it, then people will eventually think that it’s not worth the effort and time. Internet users want content that’s easy to see; so, be sure to use the right font and color.

Moreover, avoid the mistake of using tediously long and unbroken text that is frustrating to scan. Most visitors will simply turn away from it. The key thing to remember is delivering informative, fluff-free content in the most convenient way possible for your audience.

3. Pick a user-friendly color scheme.

Make sure that the font color and background combination of your website blend well. Avoid using bright text on a bright background. Although this can be visually striking, it can also be hard on the eyes. Also, balance the contrast between the text and the background. Your site visitors may not be able to see blue text properly on a lighter blue background. Modify and improve anything that could possibly cause discomfort for visitors to improve conversions.

4. Your site shouldn’t be too busy.

While keeping your site visually attractive is a good thing, adding too much flash animation and flashing text can discourage most visitors from navigating your website. Aside from making your site sluggish, such distractions also tend to take away the attention of viewers from the content on your site that you’d like them to focus on.

Overall, strive to keep your website simple yet tasteful. Focusing your efforts on SEO is good – but don’t forget about taking care of your website design too. A great website is simple, user-friendly and visually attractive yet easy to navigate.

AZ Website Design | Arizona Website Designers | Website Design AZ | Website Designer Arizona