What Is Website User Interface or UI?

October 23, 2013

Defined in the most basic of terms, website user interface is simply how well an online visitor interacts with a particular website. This includes the input and the resulting output that is achieved from a website that is being visited. It is the human interaction within a website and the wide range of activities that occur. When a website is designed to be highly intuitive and easy to use where information can be readily accessed it is considered to be a website with good user interface. Conversely, when a website is slow to load, confusing, disorganized and difficult to navigate it is considered to have a poor user interface.


When A Website Is Designed With The User In Mind


Keeping these basic ideas in mind it is easy to see that good web design makes a big difference in how successful a website actually becomes. If users are unable to achieve their goals and find what it is they are looking for then a website is not doing its job. However, when a website is designed with the user in mind and as such is highly intuitive than a website is in fact doing its job. User interface has become such an important subject with regard to good web design that there are now a number of user interface testing services that have actually cropped up across the Internet in recent years. This is testimony in itself to the importance of good user interface for any website.


Simpler Website Designs Where Less Is Definitely More


While it is true that building a highly intuitive website is important, having good visibility online is equally if not more important. For example, an individual could have the best looking website in the world, but if that website cannot be found through a search engine it is essentially useless. Careful consideration with regard to how user-friendly a website is can be one of the most important factors with regard to long-term Internet success. The most recent developments in user interface trends point to even simpler website designs where less is definitely more. Simple website formats similar to the Pinterest type format are becoming more and more popular. Take the time to design a website that is user-friendly and that can be found by search engines and online success will be far more possible.

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