What Qualifies As A Good Website In The Eyes Of Search Engines?

February 11, 2015

This is an often-asked question by business owners looking to achieve remarkable results with regard to improved online exposure. While there are many theories on what best qualifies as a good website, most experts would agree that there are certain key elements that simply cannot be ignored with regard to website design and usability intended for better online exposure. For example, content is perhaps one of the most important elements of total website value from the search engine and visitor perspective.
The Written Word And Content
This is simply due to the fact that the written word and content are one of the most essential ways that information is shared online. While video and images and other types of media provide a large amount of information to those searching online, nothing quite compares to content. Written text must be high quality, original and useful for a website to be successful online. Other factors that are often taken into account include the very architecture of a website or webpage. This includes attention to how URLs are written and how a website is actually crawled by search engine spiders.
How A Website Is Viewed Online
In addition, link quality and specific keyword text that is used in linking one website to another all play a role in determining how a website is viewed online. Along with these factors social media has quickly grown to become a major factor in search engine optimization and Internet marketing related matters. When a website sends good social signals, it will likely enjoy better ranking and better overall search engine performance. Along with these specific factors there are some general factors that should also be taken into account with regard to improving overall online performance.
How Much Of A History The Website Has
For example, websites today require a trust factor as well as a favorable reputation. Search engines look for quality websites that are authorities in their industry or field. Also important with regard to search engine optimization is how seasoned a website is or how much of a history the website has in terms of longevity. All these factors along with ensuring that a website has no search engine violations or other negative marks can greatly stand to improve a website’s chance of being ranked as an authority website. Contact Helix House today to learn to learn more.

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