When Marketing Becomes El Marketing.

January 28, 2016

We all have enjoyed a Taco Tuesday lunch more than once with our co-workers from the office. And we all can recognize the beat of one of Pitbull’s pop singles when we hear it, even if he’s not part of our playlist on Spotify. The fact is that we all experience, to some degree or another, the Latin influence in America; especially here in the Southwest.

Marketing is no different. Today, the growth of any service or product depends on establishing a connection with the Hispanic consumer. Yes, you have heard about this before, and maybe you are still reaping the benefits of your sales without doing anything about this market shift. But it won’t last long.

The marketplace has been shifting for the past decade and more. What once was seen as a projection now is reality. The Hispanic consumer has grown in numbers, and it outpaces the rest of the market share. To keep your brand relevant, you must adapt with the changes. And to recognize and understand the buying power the Latin consumer represents, will only escalate your business growth.

Now, you may not recognize you already have some Hispanic customers. Not all Hispanic consumers speak Spanish. And that is only one part of the segmentation needed to understand this target audience. The belief on clichés, like the one about all Latinos in the U.S. must speak Spanish, is what could stop you from connecting with this buyer. Remember: understanding is connecting.

Hispanic marketing is not about translation of content and message. It is about interacting in culturally relevant levels with your audience. Language is only a part of culture. It is not all of that culture. The Latino consumer can dissect between the brands that are committed to connect with them and the ones which only want to be trendy and sell. You need to make a true effort to communicate and build trust.

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