Why Email Marketing Is Still Alive and Well

June 13, 2013

Sure, everybody’s heard about it – spam. Yet a properly implemented and well-planned e-mail marketing campaign is anything but spam. A good e-mail marketing campaign is an effective and trusted way to deliver a message to potential customers, existing customers and other clients. Permission-based e-mail marketing gives businesses the opportunity to communicate with would-be customers and loyal customers to help improve earnings and overall profitability. In fact, e-mail marketing is not too entirely different from the latest social media phenomenon that has swept the Internet.

A Way to Constantly Change With Your Customers Needs

E-mail marketing is a way to communicate with your customers and help them in finding what they are looking for in terms of products and services over the long-term. Permission-based e-mail marketing is also a good way to continually monitor the changing needs and desires of your existing customers. In essence, permission-based e-mail marketing is a way to always change with your customer’s needs and requirements. It’s an opportunity to poll your customers occasionally with regard to what it is they would like to see included or eliminated from your product line. When a permission-based e-mail marketing campaign is combined with social media the results can be quite dramatic.

A Formidable Force in Online Marketing

Permission-based e-mail marketing and social media make the perfect combination for building trust with potential clients and existing clients. It offers the perfect opportunity to get to know your customers better and to provide exactly what they are seeking in terms of products or services. Understanding permission-based e-mail marketing and how it relates to social media is vital to business success today. One company in particular stands out from the rest as a formidable force in online marketing – Helix House. A long list of customers has turned to this company in the past to achieve favorable results in a wide range of online marketing strategies including the use of e-mail marketing. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised when you contact Helix House today and put your company in online marketing high gear.

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