Why Go Digital?

April 28, 2016

Marketing and advertising are not a new concept. Humans have been trying to sell each other things since the first caveman picked up a rock off the ground. He walked over to his buddy and said, “Hey, you want this?! I’ll give it to you if you give me that delicious bison steak.” Of course, his buddy was no dummy, he responded, “Why would I want that rock? It’s a rock; there are millions of them out there!”

“Not so fast,” our intrepid Stone Age marketer-to-be responded, “This is the best rock out there. It’s the smoothest, sleekest, deadliest, most interesting, rockiest rock out there.”

And guess what, his buddy bought it.

If only it were still that easy today. But no, times have changed. Not only has it become harder to reach potential customers, but those potential customers are also more savvy and sophisticated than ever before. They don’t turn to the Yellow Pages to find a business anymore. They tune out television and radio ads. They can’t even be bothered to look up at billboard when they are walking the streets.

And what it is that is so distracting to these busy potential customers? Their phones. Even when they are out and about, active in the world, almost everything they experience comes to them through the filter of a digital device.

Not only are people constantly engaged with digital devices, be it a phone, tablet, or computer, they use these resources almost exclusively when it comes time to make a decision.

Put yourself in their shoes. What is the first thing you do when you are interested in buy something or in checking out a company? You hop online and go to their website. If the website is shoddy, confusing, poorly designed, or unengaging, you drop the matter right there. The company is forgotten forever.

What about when you want to do some research on something, you are looking to find a company or service you have never used before. You go to Google, and you start a search.

Because of these trends, because of the ways consumers make decisions these days, digital marketing is an essential element of any marketing strategy.

A well-designed digital marketing strategy accounts for every element of a company’s digital presence, from discoverability and user experience to brand management and customer conversion. Marketing strategies that ignore digital don’t just risk alienating potential customers; they turn their back on the largest customer base in the world!

In a modern world which is changing faster than any of us can imagine, it’s more important than ever to team with someone who is a master of the digital marketplace. Someone who not only knows how to navigate the complex digital landscape of today, but someone who can anticipate new trends and forecast what is coming tomorrow. Why go digital? Because really, there isn’t any other way to go.

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