Why Video Matters Online

February 27, 2014

Most Internet marketing experts would agree that videos are playing increasingly important roles in helping businesses achieve top online ranking. Videos are unique in that they offer visitors an easy way to gather information. Videos generally require less effort on the part of an online visitor because the information is “pushed” as opposed to requiring the visitor to exert the effort of reading text. In addition, videos are often entertaining and fun.


Tens Of Thousands Of People Share The Video With Everyone They Know Online


Quality videos that are short in duration and that offer entertainment value can be used by businesses to create better brand awareness. When videos are produced correctly they can even achieve something known as “viral” status. When a video goes viral, it is because tens of thousands of people share the video with everyone they know online. For example when one individual likes the video and sends it to 30 or 40 people in their contact list, and then those 30 or 40 people do the same thing the results can be remarkable.


This Is Another Way To Leverage The Power Of Online Video


One of the key aspects of creating good online video content is to keep it short, simple and entertaining. Unique and quirky out-of-the-box videos are often the ones that tend to go viral the fastest. In addition, many businesses choose to build an online video channel. This is another way to leverage the power of online video. When businesses build a video channel online they are able to share multiple videos and then point those videos via linking to their main website. Those wishing to dominate a particular space in a particular industry have learned to leverage the power of online videos.


An Experienced Internet Marketing Agency


Ultimately video is an important aspect of any long-term Internet marketing strategy. Businesses wishing to take full advantage of all that the Internet has to offer must consider video production as a part of their overall planning strategy. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is to work with an experienced Internet marketing agency. Those in the Internet marketing business understand video production and how to create video in such a way that it draws attention online. Contact Helix House today to learn more from this award-winning Internet marketing firm about the power of online video.

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