Define Yourself in a Way that Resonates

It’s more than a logo in the corner of your website; branding is knowing who you are, what you stand for, and why you do what you do. At Helix House, it’s much more: branding is about setting yourself up for success by defining what makes you, you.
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More Recognition. More Sales. All You

There is only one you, so own who you are with a strong, creative, and catchy brand. Good branding helps you get recognized, but branding by Helix House breaks through every boundary and to increase awareness, customer retention, sales, and so much more.
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Picture this: you’re looking at a Create Your Character screen for a popular game. Should you be the deviously delightful rogue, should you be a calm and collected strategist, or should be a confident and strong knight? The answer is yours to decide.

The same is true for your company’s brand, though instead of stealth, dexterity, and intelligence, you have to consider your industry, audience, mission, ethics, goals, services, and more. With all of that to navigate, it can be hard to create a singular voice for your company.

That’s where Helix House comes in. Their team of strategists get to know you on a fundamental level, dive deep into your market and industry, and build a brand that resonates in your spaces. In other words, they offer a strategy for how to build the best character for you that will dominate the competition.

Brand Strategy


Brand Identity

Your brand identity is more than just who you are, it’s making sure everyone in the company and outside of it knows as well. From social media to sales calls, brand identity is the difference between high customer satisfaction and retention, and missed opportunities. Helix House makes it easy to show the world who you are through style guides, brand books, creative briefs, public voice and tonality, and so much more.

And if you need a little help discovering your brand identity, Helix House is there for you too. Their team of strategists and designers will work with you to define your brand, right down to the last pixel. This includes:
Logo Creation
Voice/ Tone
Color Palettes
Value Propositions
And Much More

Speak with a strategist today, and see what Helix House designers bring to the table.

Collateral & Sales Material

Shirts, pamphlets, and brand books, oh my! Whatever you need, Helix House will build it. From one-time promotions to planning swag for festivals, no job is too big or too small. Their team of designers works closely with in-house copywriters and strategists to match your brand, hit your goals, and create a stellar product that you’ll be able to use for years.
Collateral & Sales Material


What’s in the box? It’s you! Not literally, but it is your branding, exemplified. Whether you just want a box with your logo or packaging that showcases your brand on every inch, Helix House has you covered. You’ll be amazed by what their team can do with a little bit of cardboard.

Define What Makes You,  You

If you don’t know who you are, then your customers won’t either. It’s time to define who you are as a company so you can gain:
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A Strong Sense of Identify

Consumers recognize the brand or the product and can associate it with the name
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Increase Awareness & Sales

Recognizing the product establishes familiarity with the brand and drives increases in sales.
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Higher Customer Retention

Consumers tend to return to the product or business and continue to buy more.
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Happier Customers

The highest level of satisfaction consumers receive after using the brand, service or product.

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