Blimey That Went Quick: Top 3 Biggest Takeaways As A Content Intern At Helix House

August 28, 2023 8:44 AM

The Last Intro

Welcome back y’all!

Let me set the scene one last time… My name is Keri Matthews, and I am the content writing intern at Helix House.

As you are reading this, I am probably representing Sun Devil Soccer on the football pitch. I am an international student-athlete from England studying Marketing at Arizona State University. Being stateside has been amazing, and I can’t wait to keep making memories here in my last two years. 

Pictured: Keri kicking more ass.

Before this next blog begins, here is a quick recap of the last two blogs. The first part of the series explained what I had learned, and the second part described the internship experience. To wrap up the series, today's blog will explain my top 3 takeaways as a content writing intern at Helix House. 

Top 3 Takeaways

Say More With Less 

The first takeaway ingrained into my brain is to say more with less. No matter what you are writing as a content writing intern, Elaina has taught me that you want to pack a punch with your words. Writing with authority and directness is crucial in business and content writing. The ultimate goal is to deliver valuable content to the reader without losing your voice as a writer

I know the feeling of reading a blog that sounds monotonous and robotic. You want to keep the reader engaged while providing the information they seek. Don’t join forces with the robots! Have individuality and let your creativity flow. 

Write ‘It’ Down

You may be thinking, what is ‘it’? The answer to that is ‘it’ is everything! 

Keep what you have learned from your internship somewhere safe by writing electronic or handwritten notes. We all have this false reality that we can remember everything we have learned off the top of our heads - don’t deny it. The truth is, the crucial tips your mentor told you may have evaporated from your memory in a year. 

Don’t let that happen to you. 

Write your feedback down. As an intern, you have a great opportunity to learn from professionals, so use it. In the future, you want to be able to express to others what you learned at your internship, so don’t make life harder for yourself by trying to recall each detail. Write it down.

You Have Got To Like Writing

If you are looking for a content writing internship, ensure you enjoy writing. For me, I have loved being able to open my computer and write every day. Granted, that is not everyone's cuppa tea. If you don’t enjoy writing, you may struggle to stay interested in a content writing internship. Who wants to wake up to an internship they don’t like? No one. 

Being a content writing intern has consisted of me learning about SEO, blogs, and advertisements. All of which I have thoroughly enjoyed! 

A general tip is to find an internship in a field you are interested in. It is easier said than done. You will get out what you put into your internship, hence finding an internship you feel passionate about. Motivating yourself will be more challenging if you lack interest in what you do. That being said, it is not impossible to motivate yourself in an area you are not passionate about, but it makes your work experience much less enjoyable. 

Bonus Takeaway: The Holy Grail

In the words of DJ Khalid, “Another one!”.  

My last takeaway from being an intern is to enjoy your experience! 

Remember, as an intern, you are not expected to know everything. Take each day as an opportunity to learn to maximize your time in your internship.  

If you are interning remotely and music doesn’t distract you, jam out to some tunes. Helix House has excellent music taste, from jazz to rock to indie music. A personal shoutout to Arctic Monkeys and Stevie Nicks; they have been a constant on my music rotation when working. 

What Next?

After this great summer internship, copywriting is a field that I would be interested in pursuing in the future! I have enjoyed every minute of being at Helix House. We kickstart the football (soccer) season this August, which I am incredibly excited about. So come and support your Arizona State Sun Devils! 

Thank You, Helix House

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about what happens in a content writing internship in this blog series. Be sure to check out our other blogs!

Helix House is an excellent agency with truly talented people in every area. Being an intern has been a pleasure, and this is an experience I would highly encourage others to pursue. A special thank you to Elaina for mentoring me and allowing me to do this internship. 

Thank you for having me, ta-ra!