Helix Culture

Introducing Chloe! Social Media Queen

August 30, 2022 4:08 PM

We've been growing over here at the House of Helix! This time on our blog we're gonna use the space to have a little Q & A with our new Social Media Manager. She brings fun energy into the office, makes oatmeal almost every day, and has forced us all to learn what our Rising and Moon signs are. Let's learn more about her!

Where are you from?

Grand Junction, CO

Why Did You Move to Arizona? And How Do You Like It?

I moved to Arizona because, like any other 22-year-old who was living with their parents, I needed a fresh start (cliche I know, but that's kinda the point). My boyfriend and I were doing long-distance at the time and decided it was time to move in together. He started applying to jobs all over the country, the first one he landed was here in AZ. So here I am! So far, I am enjoying my experience being a city girl, coming from a small town. The biggest blessing has been this job at Helix House. I couldn't have asked for a better team.

How Did You Get Started in Digital Marketing?

I wanted to start a career in something I am truly passionate about. Being that I was a Healthcare Administration major in college, I knew that was a setup for a boring life, that just wasn't me, ya feel? (no offense to all the healthcare workers out there, you are much appreciated). I looked back on my life and reflected on what made me light up inside. After some pondering and self-reflection, I realized that that thing was storytelling. I have found that I have a way with people and the way I present myself to the world. Self-expression makes me feel alive. Now if only I could do that for other people… Oh, wait I can! It's called digital marketing. I saw the “Social Media Manager” job listing and thought I’d apply. Being a creative and artistic person, sounded like the perfect gig for me. I looked up the company and felt a spark inside. These look like my type of people. When I got the job, I soon realized I was right! Now here I am, livin’ the dream.

What Other Jobs Have You Had?

Before working at Helix House, I owned a small jewelry business called “Ethereal Crystal Collections''. I handmade wire-wrapped crystal jewelry and sold it on Instagram and local markets in Colorado. It was quite successful and blew up in the town I grew up in. I learned a lot about small business owners and what it really took to make a business successful… Let me tell you, it's a lot, lol. Although I truly loved that gig, being something that I started from the ground up and curated with my own soul, I wanted a change of pace.

What is One Thing You Want Everyone to Know About Your Work?

Just one? Just KNOW that I am truly putting my heart and soul into my work. Okay, thats all thank you.

If You Had to Describe Yourself in Three Words, What Would They Be?

Sympathetic, energetic, beautiful… and a fourth? HILARIOUS.

Who or What Inspires You?

I feel like I am constantly being inspired by my interests, surroundings, and others. I enjoy observing all walks of life, and believe we all can learn so much from this world we live in. Everywhere I go, I feel the energy that comes with it. Some draining, and some liberating. I pay attention to what lights me up.

What Do You Do For Fun?

I enjoy trying new things, thrifting, weight lifting, hot yoga, spending time in nature, and honestly just having silly conversations with friends, family, and my boyfriend.

Crystals: yay or nay?

Are you kidding me?? HELL YA crystals. I got so obsessed with crystals I started a whole business off of it. Now looking back, I think it was a big adhd fixation of mine, hehe. Anywaysss, crystals are found everywhere. In phones, watches, laptops, etc. They grow over the course of thousands of years under very specific conditions: heat and pressure (both forms of energy). These conditions give crystals extremely high frequencies that are found to be healing. As energetic beings, we can connect to the frequencies of crystals whenever we want.

Star Sign?

I'm a Cancer sun, Scorpio moon, & Capricorn rising.

If You Were a Mythical Creature, Which One Would You Be?

A magical little forest fairy.