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Introducing Martin Gentile, The Man Who Makes It All Happen

January 16, 2023 12:17 PM

In 2022 we had a lot of new changes (which you'll learn plenty more about in an upcoming blog). One of those was bringing on a new Project Manager! Martin Gentile joined the team and has brought a huge personality and a global perspective to our work. Also he makes sure I get everything done on time, which man I do appreciate! Anyways, this time on the Helix House blog, we're meeting Martin!

Meet Martin

Where Are You From?

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Why Did You Move To Arizona? How Do You Like It?

I came to visit my brother and decided to stay. Phoenix has the charm of a small town within a big city. Its sunsets and landscapes are captivating.

How Did You Get Started in Digital Marketing?

Well, Helix is my first experience in Digital Marketing. I worked for 16 years in the banking industry. I have learned a lot this year at Helix House about the importance of brands promoting themselves on digital platforms. How important it is for brands to have support from an agency like Helix, where they will find a partner that will work to take their brand where it needs to be.

What Else Have You Done For Work?

Most of my working experience came from the financial industry. I worked at one of the biggest banks in the world. There my role transitioned as technology evolved, focusing on fiscal banking like branch development to more digital projects like digital payments solutions.

How Does That Influence How You Approach Work Here?

Thankfully I had the opportunity to work with managers from different countries, and it help me open my mindset.

It helped me understand that there are different ways of thinking and working. For the same goal, you can have different strategies and implementations. That collective thought and effort are essential for success, there will be leaders, but it is important to listen and analyze different points of view to build a more comprehensive solution.

What is One Thing You Want Everyone to Know About Your Work?

That I believe that teamwork is the key to success. Having different perspectives will help build a good idea, and I will always try to promote that.

Who or What Inspires You?

My wife is my greatest inspiration, she is an example of improvement, humility, and perseverance. She is the one who reconnects me with what is important in life and is an example of strength in the face of vicissitudes. [Ed. note: vi·cis·si·tude /vəˈsisəˌto͞od/ noun - a change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.]

I'm also inspired by people who pursue their dreams and work daily to accomplish them regardless of the obstacles that come their way.

Martin and his wife on the beach.

What Do You Do For Fun?

I love hiking and spending time with my dog (still in Argentina, but hopefully coming to us soon).
I enjoy discovering new restaurants.

Technology is my big passion, so I like spending time researching and getting to know new technologies. In Argentina, I automated my house myself, coding and building scenes all by myself.

My other passion is Futbol, not Football, your Soccer 🙂. Especially this year when Argentina won the World Cup. Once I get my car, I'm planning on joining some local leagues.

So, Argentina. What Should Everyone Know?

Argentina knew how to be one of the world powers at the beginning of the last century.

Thanks to that, you can still see cities that are very rich in terms of architecture.

Argentines consider that our country is transcendent for the world, despite the fact that many people do not know where we are located or even what language we speak.

This is related to the fact that you can find many outstanding figures or significant inventions for world history, such as the Pope, the Queen of the Netherlands, the best soccer players in history, and for events: the first helicopter ride was in Argentina, also using the fingerprints for the first time, some Nobel prizes, Oscars and much more... finally we are the soccer World Champions ⚽.

Its food is influenced by the migratory waves that escaped from the World Wars, so the food is mixed with different cultures; the food that is native to Argentina also stands out, such as dulce de leche, mate, and asado. These last two are also social traditions, they are the elements that unite friends and families.

It is a vast country with four well-defined climates and a diversity of landscapes and cultures.

Three Things Argentina Does Better? What About the U.S.?

I wouldn't say that things are done better, but something that is different is that besides the current emigration that is happening in Argentina, the majority of people do not move far away from the place they were born or their families. Friends of mine they lived in the same neighborhood for all their life and meet with friends and family weekly.

For the US, I think many things are being done in the right way, and it is clear when people from all around the world choose to leave their life, family, and traditions and make huge sacrifices to live here and work on getting a better life, like my case.

I found here a very evolved society, considerate and respectful of others, and from my experience, I am thankful to cross paths with very nice people and colleagues.