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Helix House’s 2022 Year End Review

January 23, 2023 8:43 AM

2022 was an amazing year for Helix House. Our team grew by eight extra-talented employees, the agency took on new work in the financial lending space, and we created magic with dream clients along the way. Things look different these days, but one thing is for sure: we are thriving.

100% Remote

We couldn’t do a year end review without mentioning our big move towards remote work. For the last few years, Helix House operated out of a gorgeous office building near Kierland Commons in Scottsdale. There was a kickass coffee shop downstairs that made amazing coffee and food and drained our wallets regularly. When Covid hit, we went home like the rest of the world. After some time, we returned.

In late August of 2022, though, we decided it was time to go remote full-time and leave office life behind for the time being. While we do miss seeing each other in real life everyday (and the $8 lavender-soy-lattes), going fully remote has worked well for our team. We conduct all of our meetings online and we haven’t missed a beat. 

A Pivot Towards Lending

Early 2022 brought about some serious changes to the structure of our business. Business Warrior, a lending technology and marketing company, acquired Helix House. We now operate in conjunction with Business Warrior and create assets and creative for the lending industry, such as  PAYPLAN, a financial lending platform Business Warrior built. 

Just because we’re getting all fintech-y doesn’t mean the work stops elsewhere. Helix House continues to bring on and work with a myriad of clients from different industries. You can learn more about the industries we’ve already worked in, what we offer, and who we’ve worked with here.

New Team Members

We won’t formally introduce them to you here (we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves for that one), but Helix House grew by 8 people this year. We brought on a killer copywriter, a project manager, a new designer, a creative strategist, a Google ads expert, an account manager, jr account manager, and a social media manager. Each new member has years of experience in the field and all are wildly passionate about doing good work. Not only did our team grow in 2022, but what we’re capable of as an agency did, too. 

We here at Helix House hold the health of our company’s culture in high regard, because collaboration can become a challenge if people don’t jive or respect one another. And in this creative industry, we need one another to make work that ranks above the rest and cuts through the noise. We’re proud to say that we have found that sweet spot with our crew and things are smooth as butter. 

A New Website

Leaving the new website out of our year end review would be nothing short of a tragedy.  Helix House completely revamped the brand and the site as a whole. New branding colors, logos, and style indexes make it a gorgeous thing to see and interact with. Our production team worked hard to create new content and copy on every page. 

We aren’t done yet, either.

Projects We Loved

 2022 was full of lessons and growth as we took on some of our biggest projects yet. We hit new PRs in the CrossFit niche with Training Think Tank, cultivated the cannabis space for Nature’s Medicines, and helped IV Revival grow their business with a focus on SEO and the user experience. That certainly isn’t all we did, but it’s a good starting place. 

300% ROI Guaranteed

Helix House made big promises this year. Helix now offers a 300% ROI to businesses in specific industries. This is huge! We put in the time to develop the expertise to create a fool-proof strategy, and we believe in the results so much that we guarantee it’ll happen. Well, we don’t “believe” the results will come. We know they will. The numbers speak for themselves.

Click here to learn more about our 300% minimum ROI guaranteed.

Here’s to You, 2023

This year end review confirms that we are just getting started. Look for tons of transformation and growth this upcoming year with us at Helix House as we dominate the advertising agency and make our clients a bunch of money. See you soon!