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The Best Phoenix Restaurants We Visited This Month

January 30, 2023 9:54 AM

Ah, the Phoenix restaurant scene — a metropolis of yummy eats nestled nice n’ cozy in the Valley of the Sun. As the city has expanded over the last couple years, so has the food scene. A late bloomer, Phoenix is like that kid who came back to school in the fall with a deeper voice, two inches taller, and a little stubble on his chin. 

The ugly duckling turned swan. 

Once a haven for generic chains, the dining scene here in the desert now flourishes with one off mom and pop shop type eateries. And boy are we grateful. Phoenix is now the 5th largest city in America, bumping Philadelphia into the 6th spot during the great migration of 2020-2021. As new people from different backgrounds have trickled in, so came more culture. More diversity.

More flavor.

And as self-professed flavor-seekers, we here at Helix House are loving the boom and the good eats that come along with it. After all, for us, eating well is a passion— and we’re masters of the craft. 

Glai Baan

If you like spicy Thai food, then Glai Baan  can’t be missed. Glai Baan is all about northeastern Thai street food, serving up the good stuff hot and spicy just like you’d get it in the motherland. This city treasure is Thomas’s (our kickass creative strategist) favorite spot in Phoenix, and he just recently indulged himself once again a couple weeks ago. Thomas swears by the nua num tok for the appetizer. “It’s NY strips with some citrus glaze and a micro salad,” relishing the experience, “spicy pad thai for the entree, can’t go wrong.” 

Glai Baan
(602) 595-5881
2333 E. Osborn Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona 85016


Next up on this month’s food tour is none other than the delicious and so, so authentic Italian eatery called Andreoli’s. A born and bred true Italian, master chef Giovani Scorzo was raised in Liguria and was trained in Italy’s finest restaurants. Chef Giovani rules the roost at Andreoli’s and you will not be disappointed. Because of his expertise, this Italian hot-spot is a well loved staple of the city and the reviews speak for themselves. 

Martin, the man with the plan here at Helix, loves this restaurant because “the food is amazing, it’s cozy, and it reminds me of my Italian ancestry.” Dining there only last week, Martin recommends the maresciallo and the gnocchi. 

Wanna give your taste buds a treat? Pay Andreoli's a visit.  

Andreoli’s Italian Grocer
8880 E Vía Linda
Scottsdale, AZ 85258, USA
(480) 614-1980

The Persian Room

As I write this sentence and fantasize about my last visit to The Persian Room, my mouth is watering. My nose is tingling. I can almost feel the warmth of the aroma that fills those walls. And if you know what dining at The Persian Room is like, chances are that your mouth is watering, too.

The Persian Room is an award-winning Persian fine dining restaurant where the flavors transcend time and space. If you love Persian food, then The Persian Room is bucket-list-level worthy. Our uber-talented designer Vanessa has a special line-up of favorites to offer first timers and those who want to try something new on the menu.

“Kash O'Bademjan, to start off as a tasty hot appetizer. Dolmeh, another appetizer, with grape leaves so good you won’t soon forget them. Lamb Shish with saffron rice, greek salad, and roasted veggies for the entree. And when you add the extra Persian spices on the table? It's a whole new ball park of flavor.”

The Persian Room
(480) 614-1414
17040 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Gallo Blanco

Another staple of the city, Gallo Blanco has a rich and interesting history. Chef and owner Doug Robson was born to a French-Vietnamese mother, a Scottish-English father, and grew up in Mexico City. His love for food brought him to the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, and after he moved on to open amazing restaurants like Arcadia’s Le Grande Orange and Chelsea’s Kitchen. Chef Doug Robson later opened Otro Cafe in 2013; a similar vibe to Gallo but with a more grounded, mid-town-y atmosphere. 

I could go on about Chef Doug Robson and his culinary feats in the city, but I digress. This one is my recommendation (Elaina, copywriter here!) and I, hands down, recommend the ceviche. They serve it up flat on a large plate with thinly sliced white fish marinated in lime juice and olive oil, smothered with raw red onions, cucumbers, and fresno peppers.

It is divine. Like, would have it for my last meal on earth divine. 

If fish isn’t your thing, try “The Bomba” torta instead. Pork, melted cheese, and pineapples will delight the senses. Housemade bread seals the deal. Top it off with original margs rimmed with Tajin and you’re all set. 

Pro tip: If there is wait at Gallo, put your name on the list and cut over to The Welcome Diner for a cocktail on the patio, or pop into Buena Vida Bodega to see what there is to see in the shop.

Gallo Blanco
928 E Pierce St, Phoenix, AZ 85006

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